Sandblasting & Laser Etching

In creating commemorative monuments for loved ones, our team is here for our clients to create pieces that are as unique as the people they’re paying tribute to.  We know it can be a difficult time and topic to address, which is why we’ve designed our process to be as simple as possible.  Through our customization process we make sure clients are getting the memorial they’ve envisioned.  We use the latest technology and equipment in laster etching as well as for sandblasting.  Our projects are finished with high attention to detail ensuring all the carvings will stand the test of time with our beautiful and lasting grave markers. 

Customization Process
When it comes to the customization of memorials, we give each of our clients the individual attention their tribute deserves.  Our customization process starts with a client consultation so we make sure our designs are aligned with their visions for the grave marker.  We draft and create digitalized renderings that show clients what their finished piece will look like.  Taking the template and applying it to the desired marker and material, we use high tech stencils and printers to impart the image one the commemorative piece via laser etching.  To finish off our laser etching, we finish our pieces with sandblasting that creates the necessary textures and highlights lettering that has been engraved into the stone. 

Laser Etching
In memorializing your loved ones, we want to make sure that they product we deliver is beautiful and precisely designed for durability.  We use state of the art equipment for laser etching whether it be for lettering or other design elements.  Our laser etchings are permanent and look particularly outstanding on darker granite.   Etchings can be done on assorted panels of a chosen memorial, as well as being used for repairs on monuments that have been weathered.  With laser etching we are able to provide clients with a high level of details when it comes to images, including the addition of portraits and landscapes. 

When clients view our monuments fully installed at their chosen location, we deliver a fully finished product that’s been worked on by our detail oriented technicians.  As one of the final steps in creating our headstones we sandblast our products to ensure they are properly textured and polished.  Whether the client desires a finish that is sawed, steeled or rock pitched for a subtle, glossy or rough finish, our products are delivered as promised in preliminary renderings.  Our sandblasting procedure also helps to heighten the details of previously laser etched designs.  With our experts handling memorials, are clients are confident in the quality of our finished products.

As a company with years of experience in memorial monument creation, we understand the needs of our clients and make sure we deliver the high quality and reliable products upon which our reputation has been built.  Using the latest technology in laser etching and sandblasting we are able to deliver a superior quality product that’s completed with craftsmanship and professionalism.  With our laser etching done on black granite we are able to create a level of detail that was previously difficult to achieve.  Similarly, our sandblasting makes sure our smooth finished surfaces are durable enough to weather the elements over time.