Memorial Benches Springfield, OH

Commemorating a loved one with a memorial bench is a unique way to remember that special person who has passed.  Whether the person or persons being remembered are having a traditional burial or have been cremated, memorial benches add a peaceful spot of reflection as well as a private garden-like atmosphere. Our benches are fully customizable designs including size and aesthetics. These types of cemetery memorials are made to order, whether it be a traditional bench memorial, park bench style or a pedestal memorial.  At Springfield Headstones, our customized designs are personally detailed, including custom laser etching and sandblasting techniques. 

Creating grave marker for a lost loved one can be an emotional experience during an overwhelming time.  Our team works with our clients to develop a design that’s as unique as the individual being remembered.  With fully customizable bench memorials, clients are selecting a design that’s not only beautiful, but functional as well.  In choosing this design, we assist clients in their choice of material as well as colors and specific design elements. They can even be customized for up to six people depending on the size of the plot.  In addition to engraving names and the applicable dates, with our laser etching we are able to add custom images and landscapes. 

Bench Memorials
For those that choose bench memorials in lieu of a headstone there is a wide range of design options available.  Benches can be designed with a solid base, with an off center bench in conjunction with a headstone, as well as having a more traditional bench appearance.  These types of memorials are useful for both interments as well as cremation urns.  Our bench grave markers are a great way to memorialize a loved one, creating a peaceful space for thoughtful repose for those visiting the site.  When installed in cemeteries or green spaces, having our bench memorials enhances the quiet atmosphere of being in a private park.  

Pedestal Memorial Bench
As an alternative to traditional bench memorials, we create pedestal memorial benches that offer a solid base topped with a flat surface upon which people are items are able to rest.  These beautiful designs offer a dignified respite for visitors as well as providing an elegant memorial.  Our pedestal memorial benches are fully customizable, including size, shape, material, colors and being designed for both burials and cremation urns.  They can also be made for one or more persons, being available for companion, family and sibling memorials.  These types of benches may also include detailed laser etching done on black granite to include epitaphs and images. 

Park Bench
In addition to traditional headstone designs, we offer park bench markers for a modern take on the classic memorial bench.  These designs are a highly functional, allowing visitors to sit and reflect in a comfortable environment.  In all types of locations, these comforting memorials add to the overall park ambience, making them a great dedicated commemorative piece.  These benches are highly customizable including using our state of the art laser etching to add epitaphs, art work, portraits and scenery.  Our company uses the highest quality granite in our construction, which means not only are our monuments beautiful, but they are built to last.