Mausoleums For Sale Springfield, OH

Choosing a final resting place for a passed loved one is a difficult decision for those handling these types of affairs.  A mausoleum is one of the many options that our clients have when choosing a location for both burials and funerary urns.  Mausoleums are a dignified memorial that can be used in conjunction with crypts, as well as enclosing a columbarium.  These structures can be designed as a community mausoleum for memorializing multiple people, or as a private estate mausoleum typically dedicated to a single family.  For this type of memorial, we are able to provide and customize the monuments needed to pay tribute. 

Mausoleums are one of the larger types of commemorative monuments, providing a beautiful, and highly dignified cemetery memorial.  As a type of tomb that has been used around the world for centuries, mausoleums are a striking way to create a private space that is dedicated the memory of a person or persons.  These beautiful structures can house a crypt, where multiple caskets are stored within or below.  Mausoleums may also contain a columbarium used for storing memorial urns, either in conjunction with a crypt or as its own entity.  These dedicated spaces are a solemn sheltered area that is often used as a place of reflection for visitors.  

Often contained with a mausoleum is a columbarium.  A columbarium is a public or private sacred place in which cinerary urns are stored.  These urns are maintained in alcoves that can be designed for individuals, family or companion memorials.  They often contains many columbarium niches, which makes them popular for reserving for families together.  As an alternative, a small columbarium can be designed similar in structure to an upright headstone.  Columbarium costs are accessible to many budgets, which contributes to their popularity.  For a these types of memorials, urns and placards are just some of the products we provide for our clients. 

Community Mausoleum
Community mausoleums can be used both as a location for above ground burial as well as a place to store funerary urns.  These types of memorials offer a shelter and peaceful location for visitors to reflect.  Community mausoleums can be designed and reserved for single person, companion or as a family memorial, whether it be a crypt or columbarium.  Accordingly multiple spaces can be reserved to keep a family together.  Among our many services we are able to create customized crypt plates, name carvings, and plaque descriptions for these types of structures.  Our clients trust our work to provide special touches that pay homage to the person they are created for. 

Private Estate Mausoleum
Private estate mausoleums are a custom alternative offered in the range of mausoleums.  Though designing these structures can be costly, some clients prefer to have a monument that keeps a family together in one private space.  Within private estate mausoleums, clients can choose to use it as either a crypt or a columbarium or a combination of the two.  As a crypt, interments can be done either below ground or with above ground burial. These structures are highly customizable including detailed artwork and epitaphs.  With our laser etching and sandblasting we are able to provide bespoke  design work as well as repair older installations.