Headstones For Graves Springfield, OH

When a family member or friend has passed, it can be difficult to make the necessary arrangements for events following their departure.  At Springfield Headstones, we strive to make the process easy as possible for our clients, supporting them through a trying time. Our headstones are fully customizable, allowing clients find a design that best represents their loved one. These tombstones are grass markers that allow clients to make an individualized monument to someone that has passed.  We also have slant monuments available as an alternative to more common vertical models.  Our company also provides additional customization for special memorials. 

Upright Headstones
In most cemeteries and churchyards, upright headstones are the most widely accepted design as a memorial to a passed relative or friend.  Upright headstones offer more space for personalization than flush or flat markers, which is why our team works closely with clients throughout the design process.  Our headstones allow for customization that is individualized to best create a unique tribute that best represents the person being commemorated.  All of our headstone include custom laster etching and engraving that is designed for a long lasting product.  These types of headstones can also be customized as companion memorials as well as multiple person memorials. 

Custom Design
When it comes to creating a tribute that’s as unique as the individual it’s meant to represent, our artistic team is here to support our clients in creating the right design.  In addition to using the latest technology in etching and sandblasting for both text and photo etching, our headstones come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The shape of upright portion of the monument, referred to as the “die,” can be customized to be straight, concave, convex, serpentine, ridged and tapered as well as a host of other shapes and designs.  We also provide monuments in a variety of materials including marble, limestone and granite headstones.

Slant Markers
Slant markers are an upright alternative to the more common vertical headstones.  Slant moments are cut at an angle that gives it better readability as well as increased visibility from a distance.  Because these monuments are larger than flat markers, their options for customization are slightly greater than for other headstone models.  Our slant monuments can be designed with laser etched text and artwork, and can be made to order for an individual or as a companion memorial. These designs can also be used as a family marker.  When used with ledger markers, this type of design offers a wide range of options for creating individualized memorials. 

Additional Headstones
In addition to the more common types of upright markers at Springfield Headstones, we offer clients a full range of customizations that suit their memorial needs.  Most of our headstones can be altered and built as companion memorials, sibling memorials as well as for multi-person monuments depending on the arrangements for the plot.  In addition to grave markers that are for interments, we also make headstones for cremation memorials, that may include spaces for urns and flowers.  Our monument company creates all types of unique pieces including pet memorials.  No matter the type of memorial, everything is fully customizable, from the design to the shape of the headstone.