Flat Headstones Springfield, OH

Selecting the right headstone for a loved one that has passed can be an overwhelming process.  At Springfield Headstones, we’re here to make the selection as stress free as possible for our clients.  Flat headstones, also referred to as “grave markers” or “flat markers”, can be an economic option when it comes to choosing a memorial.  Once the size is determined, our team works with you to make a flat headstone that honors the life of your loved one.  It is important to note that some cemeteries only allow flat headstones. It is important to know the types of memorials that your cemetery will allow in order for us to get you all of the needed information for you to make a decision that is beneficial to you and your family when purchasing a headstone.

Customized Design
Creating a memorial for a family member or friend often means selecting one that’s as unique as the individual it’s mean to represent.  Our flat markers offer a simple design, with the opportunity to personalize it based on design preferences.  We offer designs in a variety of colors and sizes, including granite and bronze markers. Using art files and design suggestions, our clients are able to select from a large library of images as well as creating their own images to create an individualized concept.  Selected designs are sandblasted or laser engraved  to create a beautiful memorial to honor a life for generations to come.  Our flat headstones are available in both single and companion sizes.

Flush Grave Markers
The most uncomplicated type of flat maker for a headstone is a flush grave marker.  Characterized by their simple design and placement at the head of a grave, this is a design that’s accepted in most cemeteries and churchyards as a commemorative piece.  When selected, these markers are typically laser etched with the name, date of birth and date of death.  Most commonly our clients select these markers to be done in black granite or as a bronze marker, finished with laser etching.  Flush lawn ledgers are another type of flush grave marker that is sometimes used in conjunction with other types of headstones for longer text.   

Bevel Markers
Bevel markers are a type of flat marker that’s sometimes also referred to as a pillow marker.  These tombstones have a sloped design and a wedge like shape that gives them better visibility from afar.  They are slightly larger than flush grave markers, which creates more options for a custom design.  . Bevel markers can be made for both single graves as well as including a companion memorial for those that wish to have a combination resting location. 

A ledger headstone is type of flat marker that is characterized by its highly customizable design.  Typically used in combination with a slant or bevel headstone, these flush markers lie in front of a headstone covering the whole grave.  They can be used to represent double depth plots as well as used as a family marker. Because of their length, our artists customize these grave makers with lengthy epitaphs and custom images that pay tribute to the departed.  Our design team helps our client find the words that properly immortalize the person as well as artwork that enhances the design and beauty of the memorial.