Cremation Monuments Springfield, OH

For the commemoration of loved ones that have been cremated, we have a number of options available for cremation monuments.  We serve our clients by offering a streamlined and simple monument selection process that’s stress free, allowing our clients to leave the work in our hands.  Our memorials are fully customizable and designed to reflect the person or persons to whom they are paying tribute.  We work with mausoleums to design memorials that fit in columbarium niches as well as offering a full range of columbarium items including urns and plaques.  For those seeking an alternative to a columbarium, we also design cremation benches and cremation headstones. 

Cremation Memorials
When designing a cremation memorial for a loved one, our team works with clients to select and customize the monument or memorial that meets their design and budgetary requirements.  Cremated remains are typically kept in bags and stored in upright urns and then placed in a memorial location.  There is a wide array of locations to choose from, including mausoleums, cremation gardens columbarium niches, benches, headstones as well as other custom selected locations.  Whichever destination has been selected, we assist our clients in paying tribute by creating unique headstones, plaques and urns that are designed for their nostalgic beauty and durability.

One of the most common places to store cremated remains is within a mausoleum.  Mausoleums provide a form of above ground burial that allows family members and friends to pay tribute in an above ground memorial space.  These tombs can be private mausoleums, often dedicated to a single family, as well as community mausoleums that house numerous urns or columbarium niches for individuals as well as family units.  Mausoleums are usually located within cemeteries or gardens, and frequently contain a columbarium, which is a public location for storing cinerary urns.  At our monument company we work with private and public mausoleums to design commemorative urns and placards among other memorial items.

Columbarium Services
For crematory remains, many families and friends choose to store the urns in columbarium facilities.  These columbarium locations can be both public and private spaces, as well as indoor and outdoor designs.  Indoor facilities are typically contained within a mausoleum, while outdoor designs can be both large community spaces or smaller private monuments, similar in size to a headstone.  We design these small columbarium memorials with several niches, commonly used for families.  With our custom designs, columbarium costs can be matched to many budgets.  We also design in conjunction with public and private columbarium facilities in creating bespoke urns, vases and plaques.

Cremation Benches
A unique way some people choose to commemorate a loved one is through the installation of a customized cremation benches.  These benches come in a variety of designs and offer visitors a private place to sit down and be alone with their thoughts.  Because of the design, when used as a grass marker they are a peaceful and functional memorial that enhances the look of a garden.  Our cremation memorial benches are fully customizable including laser etching and sandblasted designs, and can incorporate interior or exterior urn storage.  Cremation benches can be designed for both single urn storage, as well as multiple urns for companion memorials.