Headstones In Springfield, OH

Selecting the memorial to commemorate a loved one can be a difficult process to handle at an emotional time of life.  At Springfield Headstones, we have years of experience helping clients select grave markers that suit their needs, driven by our desire to make the process as simple as possible.  Our thoughtful team offers their full support throughout the selection, ensuring whether clients are looking for a flat marker or a mausoleum we provide them with assistance they need from start to finish.  In working with our team of professionals, you can rest assured that we create cemetery memorials that will pay proper tribute to those dearest to you.

About Us
With years of experience in providing Dodd’s memorials, our experts are here to offer clients the support they need through an often overwhelming time.  Our monument company offers clients all of the services and products needed to create a beautiful commemorative cemetery memorial.  Each of our pieces are given a high attention to detail, creating monuments that are as special as the people they represent.  Our headstones come in an array of designs with numerous options available for customizing lettering and artwork with our laser etching and sandblasting techniques.  We also provide the necessary memorializations for above ground burials and urns in a columbarium.

Our Services

When it comes to providing headstones for graves, and all types of remembrances for family and friends who have departed, at Springfield Headstones we make sure the process is as seamless as possible for our clients.  We provide clients with a large selection of customizable tombstones including flat markers, upright headstone and memorial benches.  There are also several options available for cremation memorials, including mausoleums, columbarium niches and urns.  For all of our services, our products are tailor made to the clients, from materials and colors, to bespoke designed images engraved through our state of the art sand blasting and laser etching techniques.

Flat Markers

In designing a flat marker, our clients have a number of styles to choose from.  These simple grass markers have several options for personalization, including the availability of art work, and customized lettering.  Our gravestones come in a variety of natural materials, including granite and marble, as well as the option to have a custom bronze marker.  Stylistic choices include flush gravestones, bevel markers and ledger markers – all of which allow for different levels of customization.


Upright headstones are one of the most commonly selected types of grave markers.  These memorials allow for a wide range of customization in both artwork and epitaphs. We maintain a large selection of design options for our clients, from granite headstones to slant memorials.  These designs can be made to accommodate a companion memorial, sibling memorial, or even a pet memorial.  Our clients have many memorials available to them, and our headstone prices make our quality products available to every budget.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials are becoming a more common option for many of our clients.  There are a number of ways to memorialize loved ones, including our custom urns that can be used in conjunction with mausoleums as well as headstones.  We design placards and custom memorials ready for use within a private or communal columbarium. Depending on location of the plot, customers are able to choose from cremation memorial benches, as well headstones that display or inter cinerary urns.

“We can’t thank the professional staff at Springfield Headstones enough.  They were understanding and patient with our family while we went through our loss.  We were able to select a headstone that was the representation we were looking for, and they made everything a simple process.  Thank you.”

Gina M

“My family needed to select a headstone, and we were recommended Springfield Headstones to get the job done. They gave us a number of choices in designs and customized the artwork we selected.  Our headstone was delivered in a timely manner.  Great professional service.”

Dianne B​

“Coping with the loss of a family member was very hard for my family and we wanted to have a place we could be at peace and remember their life.  We called Springfield Headstones to design a bench memorial and couldn’t have been more pleased with the finished product.  Their customer service was remarkable and we highly recommend their services.  ”

Jason N

Bench Memorials

Memorial benches are an elegant monument that we at Springfield Headstones specialize in.  Our benches come in a variety of designs, including pedestal benches, garden benches and off center benches that create a place for visitors to sit and reflect.  These types of benches add greatly to the ambience, making the site feel like a park or garden.  Bench memorials are useable for both burials and urn protection, and can be made as a family or companion memorial.


A mausoleum is one of many options available for above ground burials. These structures provide a sheltered place for visitors to pay respects to their loved ones.  Mausoleums can be located in cemeteries as a community space, or may also be family owned on private estates.  These types of shelters can include crypts as well as a columbarium. As opposed to private mausoleums, columbarium costs in public cemeteries are lower, but still allow for reservations of several spots that keep a family together.

Sandblasting & Laser Etching

All of our headstones and cemetery memorials are fully customizable, as we want our clients to be able to find the exact the design that is as special as the person it’s commemorating.  We use the latest technology and state of the art equipment in laser etching and sandblasting.  Our laser etching technology allows us to create a great level of detail, including custom lettering and images.  With sandblasting, our memorials have a finished, professional looks that is built to last.

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Selecting a headstone can be an overwhelming experience, which is why our team at Springfield Headstones is here to make it as easy as possible for our clients. From start to finish, when you contact our representatives, we hold your hand every step of the way to ensure reliable service that has built our reputation.  We are available by phone at the provided numbers as well as by email.  We ensure that our tombstone prices are affordable, making our services available to every budget.  Call us to discuss your memorial needs, to hear more about our products or to get a quote.